Gunn & Moore (GM)

Gunn & Moore cricket

Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats

Founded in Nottingham in 1885, Gunn and Moore produce perhaps the most technologically advanced cricket bats in the world from their¬†state of the art factory in Nottingham.¬†Gunn & Moore (commonly shortened to GM) cricket bats provide unrivalled performance across their senior, women’s, academy and junior ranges.

Gunn and Moore junior cricket bats are perfectly scaled down from the senior models, directly replicating their shape – so size and age need not be a barrier to obtaining a high quality cricket bat.

GM’s cricket equipment range also includes items such as: balls; pads; gloves; helmets; whites; shoes; clothing; body protection; bags etc.

Cricket is immensely popular in our area so we stock a good range of adult and junior Gunn & Moore cricket products.