The Weybridge Running Series – Colour 5K

Colour Escape Run is a fun, crazy but challenging 5K that is great to do with friends, family or colleagues.

The goal is to have a good time and achieve a 5K run that you can walk, jog or PB. That’s all that matters!

Our first race comes to Weybridge on Saturday 21st July 2018 and we’re expecting around 500 runners to join us.

Take in the Surrey countryside with a splash of colour and enjoy a route that runs alongside the River Thames.

Every 1K there is a Colour Station that you pass through. Here, our race team shower you and your white T-shirt with our special 100% safe colour powder.

As you go, the colours build and by the end of the course you have become a master “mess”.

At the finish line we have a huge colour party, where you get to throw colour at your friends, family and whoever else!

You will pick up our “one of a kind” Colour 5K Finishers Medal, a true (metal) medal worthy of any 5K.

We have worked hard to put on a great race for everyone, read our selection of 5 Star reviews from our very first event by finding us on Facebook – @weybridge10k.

The Weybridge 10K and 5K Races are one of the fastest growing running race series in the country, so don’t miss out!

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